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The Great Dane has 6 colours permitted, out of this colours can not  go to the ringshow/ or exhibition arena.
  • Fawn: Light gold fawn to deep gold fawn. Black mask desired. Small white marks on chest and toes undesirable.
  • Brindle: Basic colours, light to deep gold fawn with black stripes as regular and clearly defined as possible, running with the direction of the ribs. Black mask desired. Small white markings on chest and toes are undesirable.
  • Harlequin (white with black splashed patches): Basic colour pure white, preferably with no ticking. Pure black patches well distributed all over the body, having the appearance of being torn. Grey or brownish patches undesirable.
  • Black: Jet black, white markings permitted. Included here are �Manteltiger� in which the black covers the body like a coat (�mantel�) or blanket and muzzle, throat, chest, belly, legs and tip of tail may be white. Also dogs with basic white colour and large black patches so called �Plattenhunde�.
  • Blue: Pure steel blue, white markings on chest and feet permitted.
  • Mantle